Hi there, I  never thought I would get “here”, meaning my present state. “Here” is not grieving so painfully I can barely breathe, “here” is me, almost healthy, ready to reclaim my life. “Here” is mentally healthier than I’ve ever been.”Here” is me ready to leave our last home, without being evicted, without debt, except utilities, and ready! “Here is Erin being present, accepting her self fully, mistakes and all.” “Here I am, doing this alone, and kicking ass!  I never thought I’d be “here” ever, rational, sane, open, happy, willing to take full responsibility for myself, without begrudging it. I have learned so much on this journey, that I never would have been able to appreciate before. I never really “saw” me “here” but I’m so glad I am! Lessons, don’t just take anything laying down, face it full on with rationality, and honesty, and you’re already winning.  Attitude of gratitude, Ask, Believe, Recieve!!! What you put out you get back!!! You too will be standing where I am now, 3 1/2 years later, feeling equally blessed. #THRIVE



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